Our rugs are stain-resistant, lightweight, and family & pet-friendly. To increase the lifespan of your rug, care is a necessity. Here are the best ways to clean your washable rugs.

● Clean your rug with a cotton cloth or paper towel. Starting from the edges of the spill clean with blotting motion through the center. Use a solution of dish soap and cold water. For larger spills and stubborn stains, a washing machine can be used.

● For best results, after any major accidents, the rug should be cleaned or washed immediately. For minor spills, spot-cleaning is recommended with dish soap.

Machine washing:

● First, place it in the washing machine with the reverse side of the rug facing up. You can use non-bleach detergents for washable rugs. Please do not use bleach, or fabric softener. To remove stubborn stains, we recommend pretreating the rug by gently rubbing the stained area with dish soap, and then washing it in the washing machine with cold water. Please use your washer's delicate cycle. For stubborn stains, repeat these washing instructions.

● To preserve the longevity and appearance of your washable rug, you should avoid the use of washing machines with agitators. Agitator washers feature a central spinning post that may affect the integrity of the threads in your rug. To prevent deterioration during a wash, we recommend utilizing washing machines with impeller designs instead of agitators. These washers provide a gentler washing experience, and this will help preserve the integrity and beauty of your rugs for years to come. 

Using the chart below, you can determine the washability of your rug according to your washing machine's load-capacity recommendation.


● The most convenient method for drying the rug is hanging and air-drying. However, it is also convenient to use the dryer. Place the rug with the reverse surface up in the dryer and set the dryer to low heat. Remember that high heat can damage the rug. For larger rugs, a second dryer cycle might be required. Buffs or curls may occur on rugs that are dried in the dryer, but these fluffs will pass over time. The most effective way to avoid this is to air dry your rug by hanging it. This will prevent the temporary buffs and curls.

● Any wrinkles or puffiness on your rug will disappear within 1-2 weeks depending on foot traffic. For a quick recovery, you should place it under another rug with heavy foot traffic and leave it for 2 days. These recommendations will help your rug adjust quickly after a wash.