We would kindly request that any and every item that you are interested in returning be packaged exactly how you received the item initially. This is crucial as the item being returned has to be properly packaged as not to get damaged on the way back to us, for us to be able to smoothly move on with the refunding process. We ask that the item being returned be rolled as tight as possible from the width (short side) of the rug to the other end, not lengthwise. The reason for this would be to fit the initial shipping dimensions on the order and the return label provided for you. 

There also needs to be a plastic covering on the rug similar to the one that you receive the rug in originally. Our recommendation would be to save this plastic wrapping just in case so that if you would wish to return the rug, you may use this wrapping for the return. If not done properly, there will be an extra charge on the return shipping for your order (This is not our policy, this is FedEx’s policy, so we have to enforce this to the full extent), so please try to make sure that the item has been prepared properly for the return. If you have any other questions regarding this process, please feel free to contact our support team for more assistance.

Please see below for proper packaging instructions: